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Asfalia, an enchanting interactive tale

The magical world of Asfalia takes you on a tremendous playful adventure filled with life and color. 

Discover Asfalia


A carefully crafted storyline

Help Charlie, a clever, brave, and resourceful child, explore the mysterious world of Asfalia and save it from imminent danger. You’ll meet some fascinating characters on your quest, each as endearing as the next!

This enchanting story is built around simple puzzles and easy-to-learn Point & Click gameplay. Each element brings a new narrative dimension and enriches the player’s experience. Whether on their own, accompanied by their mom or dad, or in class, your child can let their imagination run wild and (re)discover the world of Asfalia in all its diversity.

Each chapter of the game-tale deals with a specific theme and emotion, forming a coherent sequence and a harmonious narrative. Discover the first lines of this touching and captivating story!

A tale is a mirror of your anger, your fears, your sadness, and your joy. It is a journey of self-discovery, a dive into a world of emotions. It’s a story with values and gorgeous images that helps you grow up or reconnect to your inner child.

Discover our first interactive game-tale, a delightful source of marvels for every child from 6 to 10 years old.   





A colorful artstyle

Children’s tales are as enjoyable to read as they are to watch.

Asfalia’s interactive tale is deeply inspired by watercolor paintings and is drawn beautifully by hand. Our artists’ graphic style delivers a wonderful show of colors, from soft and clear to vivid and saturated. Their delicate and poetic strokes are a true vector of emotions and bring a magical touch to the story’s atmosphere.





Big topics, with a child’s eye

Discovering and accepting yourself, communicating your emotions, improving your self-confidence… Asfalia addresses a wide range of themes essential to the development of each child. It is a genuine expression space for children, parents, and educational professionals.

This wealth of topics is thoughtfully explored based on recommendations from professional childcare consultants.





A special moment to share with the family or at school

Do you remember those stories told by the fire? The wonder you felt as the story unfolded? Asfalia is inspired by those tales and gives them a new dimension. This playful moment can be shared with the family and give parents the necessary tools to understand the world in which their child develops a little more each day.

It is also intended for teachers, specialized educators, speech therapists, etc., seeking to guide children in their personal development.



Beauty, cultural awareness, and sharing are the essence of Asfalia. Dive into a world of emotions today by ordering our beautiful game-tale.

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