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Are you a Childhood Professional?

Do you work in teaching, education, or psychology? Support the personal development of children with the educational game Asfalia. 

Discover Asfalia


Anger, fear, sadness, joy… Children don’t always know how to put into words what they feel. Asfalia evokes essential and mature themes without complacency and with kindness, making them playful and magical. This value-driven story allows children to discover themselves and learn through observation. It is a perfect springboard for discussion! It is a stimulating way to approach the world of emotions and tame it through a playful, educational tool and active learning.

✓ Made for children 6 to 10

✓ A wealth of topics, validated by professional child care consultants.

✓ Multiple Languages



Activity sheets

Numerous activities related to the world of emotions can be carried out at school (written production, visual arts, etc.), either independently or in groups. The teaching aids encourage the educational awakening of each child and are presented in the form of cards, each dealing with a specific emotion.

Offer your class a dynamic and colorful presentation! The activity sheets are downloadable in PDF format and printable.



A set of thematic cards

Emotions are visualized and represented through 53 captivating and colorful cards. Would you like to meet Baya, Fork, or The Big Cactus? Character and theme cards enrich the storytelling experience to address essential themes in everyday life. They help children communicate their emotions, understand how they perceive them, and express their feelings with words and images. 






Learn to embrace your emotions in the world of Asfalia!

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